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Know more about Dahab

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“Dahab” means “Gold” in Arabic, coming from the fine yellow sand you found on the beaches. Dahab is located in the south of Sinai around 90 km to the north from Sharm-el-Sheikh at the Red Sea. Dahab offers perfect conditions for divers and windsurfers.

Know more about Sharm EL Sheikh

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The most southern point of Sinai has beautiful sandy beaches sitting at the feet of breathtaking mountain chains. With its clear waters and large coral reefs, It is the richest underwater habitat on the planet; corals, turtles, devil fish and more than 100 species of wonderfully...

Know more about Hurghada

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In recent times this small isolated fishing village has become a popular tourist resort thanks to its exceptionally blue waters, its intricale coral reef and its wide sandy beaches which stretch out from the feet of the desert mountains. Situated on the western coast of the Red...

Know more about The Desert Oases

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The desert oases are part of the real authentic Egypt that one can discover in close contact with nature by Land Rover: Faiyoum Oasis, the largest, is famous for its springs and its water wheels that are essential for irrigation. The ruins of the ancient Karanis are evidence of...

Know more about Aswan

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Aswan is where the valley of the Nile ends and where Nubia begins, a land which provided Pharaohs, gold building materials, valuable woods and the very best soldiers. Historically, the city was a stopping place for caravans coming from southern Africa: the great souk, a market...
Luxor temple

Know more About Luxor

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For more than a thousand years, Luxor, was the religious capital of Egypt. The Greeks called it Thebes, “the ancient Thebes of the hundred doors”, until the Arabs baptized it Medinet el Kussur, “City of Palaces”, from which the name Luxor derived. It was...

Know more about Alexandria

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In 332 B.C. Alexander the Great was triumphantly crowned king of Egypt and founded present – day Alexandria. For a long time Alexandria was the most important port in the Hellenic Empire . Until it was burnt down during the siege of Caesar, the Library of Alexandria, then...

Know more about Cairo

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Egypt was the first country to introduce an administrative system with a state capital, which fulfilled a central political and religious role. With the union of the north and south under the rule of King Menes, the city of Memphis became the first capital of united Egypt. The...